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Embracing Emotional Healing in Seven Powerful Stages:

  • Awareness – This is the first step because if you aren’t aware of your own pain then you can’t begin to heal it. It can hurt more to be aware of what is happening but you can’t fix what you don’t know. By identifying the source of trauma or pain you can begin the process to heal. Proud of you, keep going!
  • Acknowledgment – The second step is acknowledging the pain that is a part of your life. Sit with your heavy feelings and understand them. Taking responsibility by knowing it’s there, knowing it hurts, but the trauma CAN be healed! It might not be fair that you are experiencing this pain or trauma but you are the one that can fix it. It is your responsibility to acknowledge it so you can work towards removing the pain and healing yourself. This makes you brave to acknowledge versus ignoring your feelings.
  • Acceptance – The third step can be empowering and help build your confidence but you have to be committed to the journey. Let go of any doubts! Let go of the fears! You CAN move forward! Trust the healing process and accept that it is possible for you to resolve your pain and trauma.
  • Feeling The Pain – The fourth step is allowing yourself to feel the pain without judgment. Even if it is uncomfortable, allow yourself to feel the emotions and sensations it caused. Again, the pain and trauma can’t be judged…you’re simply feeling it. It’s okay to be upset but don’t lose yourself to the pain again. It’s more like allowing the sensations to enter but still holding yourself with the support of the previous three steps.
  • Grieving – The fifth step is recognizing that losses have occurred due to the trauma endured. This can include lessened sense of self, lack of trust and lowered sense of safety. Allowing the mourning of these losses is important in the steps to healing. It’s ok to not be okay sometimes!
  • Forgiveness – The sixth step is granting yourself and others the right to be forgiven for the trauma that has occurred. Letting go of resentment, anger, frustrations or blame for oneself or others might be one of the hardest parts of all the steps towards emotional healing but a sense of release can be felt almost immediately! Allow the grace of forgiveness to clear blockages and make room for a fulfilling future.
  • Moving Forward – The final step is committing to the journey of moving forward. Create goals, seek support, reach out to loved ones and stay committed to the healing journey and embrace how far you’ve come. By moving forward your brain will have a much easier time “rewiring” itself to positivity and applying your goals to reality. Stay focused and don’t give up. If the feelings from previous steps occur, that’s okay! It’s not starting over because healing is not always linear and by being committed to your healing journey, you will go much further than you were before.

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