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The Best Immune Boosting Foods:

It’s hard for some people to believe just how powerful a healthy diet can be. Instead of running to a doctor for a “Band-Aid to the solution”…you should eat immune boosting foods when you’re feeling sluggish or sick. This will help you feel better and unless you have an allergy to any of the foods listed, you don’t have to worry about reading a label for potentially deadly side effects! WHAT!

The key is remembering that not just one of these foods will solve your sickness all on its own. A balanced diet including a variety of these foods will provide the most sufficient boost to your health.

think of ORANGE and RED!

citruses, red or orange bell peppers, pumpkins, turmeric, sweet potatoes, and carrots all have illness fighting capabilities

Many orange foods are rich in Potassium. Getting enough potassium is essential for nerve and muscle health, keeping blood pressure in check, and avoiding hypertension.

Another vitamin many orange foods have in common is Vitamin C. Many citruses are especially rich in Vitamin C and are known to strengthen our immune system, improve cardiovascular health, and even slow down skin wrinkling. So indulge in citruses such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes when you’re down! You can infuse lemons, limes and or grapefruit in a liter of water to make it easy!

In addition to citrus fruits, bell peppers (look for the yellow or red varieties) are surprisingly high in vitamin C — containing about three times as much as an orange.

Pumpkin is another that is full of beta-carotene, and just one cup of cooked pumpkin provides 200% of recommended Vitamin A. Even though it is a powerhouse of nutrients and flavor, it is still low in calories and is considered a diet-friendly food. Pumpkin seeds contain 20% your daily goal of zinc and also Vitamin C. Zinc is an essential nutrient that helps every system in your body. Pumpkin seeds ALSO contain a high amount of protein. Just one cup of pumpkin seeds contains 12 grams of protein!

Another orange color and highly beneficial helper in immune boosting functionality is Turmeric. The spice is praised for its ability to boost the immune system and act as an anti-viral. That’s due to the spice’s level of curcumin, which helps lessen inflammation and fights free radicals. Other added benefits of Turmeric:

  • potent anti-inflammatory
  • Interferes with enzymes and cells that cause inflammation in your body
  • Boosts immune cell activity and enhancing antibody responses

Some say orange is one of the happiest colors but it also represents some of the foods with the most nutrients and especially Vitamin C so think of orange when aiming for an immune boosting food!

Sweet Potatoes and Carrots are included because of their several immune boosting benefits. They each contain beta carotene which is a red-orange pigment that gives them their vibrant color and contains powerful antioxidants. The pigment transforms into Vitamin A which greatly helps the immune system. Sweet Potatoes contain high amounts of fiber which is good for your gut and when the gut is healthy it’s easier for your body to process foods and properly utilize nutrients.

Did you know that Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin C? They also provide important vitamins such as vitamin K, C, B6, niacin and potassium!

It’s all about the GREEN TOO!

To some, this might have been expected. How many times have you heard that you need to eat your veggies? There’s a reason for it!

It’s important to know that green vegetables help give our immune system as significant boost but especially these guys:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli

Research has shown that green vegetables like kale, spinach, and broccoli play a big part in strengthening the immune system.

Dark green vegetables are high in nutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties and help the immune system function, including:

  • Vitamins A, C, E, and K
  • Folate
  • Carotenoids

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and brussels sprouts, also provide bioactive compounds. These compounds release a chemical signal that optimizes immunity in the gut, which is the location of 70% to 80% of your immune cells!

If you have a hard time eating green vegetables, looking at you picky eaters, then make smoothies with kale and other fruits you enjoy to incorporate the immune boosting power of kale! Its flavor blends well with others unlike spinach or broccoli.

Kiwi may not be a vegetable but it sure is green and has more vitamin C than an orange! Kiwi has several immune boosting benefits, such as:

  • high in dietary fiber so it can help improve digestion.
  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves heart health
  • creates an alkaline balance

Kiwi is very simple and might be a tastier option for those that struggle with the leafy greens! It’s simple to eat and an excellent immune boosting food! Simply cut a kiwi in half and eat with a spoon like it’s a cup of yogurt!

So remember to reach for your greens when feeling unwell for that immune boost you’re looking for!

Last But Not Least!

Garlic and Ginger are wonderful immune boosting foods to add to your diet and especially if you’re feeling down.

Did you know that Garlic has been used as medicine in many countries for centuries? One example is how Hippocrates promoted the use of garlic for treating respiratory problems, parasites, poor digestion, and fatigue.

Garlic is included in this list because of the multiple uses/benefits along with it’s proven track record for a long time now. Eat your Garlic because…

  • it helps prevent heart disease
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • lowers blood pressure and regulates blood sugar
  • promotes detoxification
  • contains anti-biotic properties to fight colds & illnesses

The main active component in Garlic is alliin which is a very powerful antioxidant which gives garlic it’s potent anti-inflammatory effect that helps boost the immune system in response to an illness. Although you can eat garlic raw or cooked for it’s benefits, alliin will lose its potent effect once heated up so it’s best to take advantage of garlic when raw.

An easy way to eat raw garlic is to simply chop up a clove to a small bite sized piece and swallow just like you would a pill! Although you should take with a meal and is not suggested on an empty stomach because of it’s strong active components.

Now, Ginger is more known as uses for nausea relief but it also contains vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. Ginger can be used as a flavor boost but it’s included in this list because it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. ON top of that it contains antibacterial and antiviral properties!

Ginger is best used in tea but another option is to eat pickled ginger for it’s benefits. This gives you the probiotics from being pickled and has less sodium in comparison to other pickled items.

Another great way to get ginger and garlic in your diet is infusing it in soon as I have my article on this incredible natural health elixir posted, I will link it here!

I hope this post helps you find healing and a boost to your immune system!

remember…take care of your immune system so it can take care of you!

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